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Typographic Brooklyn Bridge

Cameron Moll is reimagining the Brooklyn Bridge designed entirely with type. The project which has taken three years is his third print produced in this way. Constructed from the letters of typefaces designed during the same period as the bridges’ construction, Cameron chose Antique Triple Extra Condensed and German blackletter, Fetta Gotish in honour of Architect John Roebling’s German heritage.

There are some lovely details, hidden in the brickwork of lettering are John Roebling’s name, that of his son, Washington, who took over as chief engineer, and the sir names of those who died during its construction.

Cameron’s raising money on Kickstarter to have the print letterpressed in two colours (picked with a Pantone swatch held to the bridge). So far he’s raised five times the target.

The final artwork will be 24”×16”, printed on Crane Lettra Pearl. Limited edition (1,500 copies).

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